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#BeingABlackGirlIsLit, Rio Olympics Edition

Black Twitter celebrates Black women at the Olympic games

Leslie Jones Scored a Gig at Olympic Games!

The comedian's funny tweets may have led to an amazing opportunity

Need a Laugh? Read #HowToughAmIBlackEdition

Black Twitter comes through once again.

Twitter Tells the World #BlackWomenDidThat

Twitter puts some respek on Black women's names.

Twitter Shows Leslie Jones Love After Attacks

Now this is a hashtag we can get behind.

Spike Lee Blasts Omarosa’s Trump Campaign Role

Director asks,"Who's next?" after learning of reality show star's involvement in Presidential election

Felonious Munk Calls for #BlackLoveDay!

Social media done in a positive light

Baltimore Police Criticized For Gray Tweets

Police lodge called out for publicly celebrating officer's acquittal

You Know You’re in a Black Salon When…

#BlackSalonProblems: The latest trending topic hilariously covering the Black experience

Guess Why #ClarenceThomas is Trending Again

Lone justice voted against a Black man getting a fair trial

BET CEO Debra Lee Joins Twitter Board

Twitter puts their plan for workplace diversity into action

Ja Rule Gets Demolished by Twitter

Ah dang, Ja. Haven't you learned not to believe everything you read?

What Would You Do With a #WomanCard?

First the "race" card. Now this.

Twitter’s Beef with Ayesha Curry Resurfaces

The social platform has a hard time of letting things go

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The pop song gets a trapped out remix

Yeezy Taught Me: Kanye’s Social Skills Lesson

5 Lessons You Can Learn From this Sad Scenario

Nicki Minaj, Farrah Abraham Face Off

Read their fiery exchange inside

Petty Fits: Future & 4 Other Heartbroken Beaus

These exes took to social media post-breakup

Trending: #CivilRightsTwitter

Is hashtag funny or cutting close to offensive?