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Judge Makes Crucial Decision in Cosby Trial

Only one accuser out of 13 the prosecution wanted will be able to testify against him.

Dylann Roof’s Victims’ Kin Speak, Offer Forgiveness

While some curse the White supremacist, others brought a message of Christian forgiveness.

Charleston Shooter Reached Out to Other Racists

Dylann Roof tried to meet with other White supremacists through a racist website.

Dylann Roof Sentencing Trial Begins

Roof is expected to give opening statement

No Witnesses in Dylann Roof Sentencing Case

Convicted murderer opts to have no witnesses come to stand, represents self

Charleston Shooting Court Case Intensifies

Evidence and testimony does not seem to be in in Dylann Roof's favor.

Jury to Hear Charleston Shooter’s Confession

This will mark the first time the public has heard extensively from the self-identified White supremacist

Slager Jury Foreman Tells Surprise About Outcome

The lead juror in the trial of the policeman who killed Walter Scott explains why the jury deadlocked

Walter Scott Trial Enters 3rd Day of Deliberations

The mostly White jury is still deciding the fate of former officer Michael Slager

Fate of Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Deliberated

Former officer says he "feared for his life"

Dylann Roof Trial to Begin Next Week

The man charged with killing nine Charleston, S.C., church members will try to defend himself in court.

Dylann Roof to Represent Himself in Murder Trial

A judge said the decision was "unwise," but allowed it as his right

Ex-Cop Tensing to Be Retried in Sam DuBose Killing

The prosecutor decided to move forward with a new trial after a first jury deadlocked

Protests Rise Over S. Africa Racist Coffin Assault

An incident in which two White men allegedly forced a Black man into a coffin has outraged the nation.

Testimony Heats Up in Walter Scott Shooting Trial

Officials on the scene of the incident are describing the scene and what was appropriate procedure

Prosecutor Accuses Cosby’s Lawyer of Intimidation

Things get heated as comedian stands trial for sexual assault

Opening Arguments Begin in Michael Slager Trial

The former N. Charleson, S.C. officer's lawyers began their defense over the killing of Walter Scott

Jury Selection Begins in S.C. Police Shooting Trial

Defense and prosecutors began to narrow down their picks for the jury box

Detective Probing Derrick Rose Rape Case is Dead

The LAPD investigator typically handled similar high profile sexual assault cases

Derrick Rose to Return to Stand in Rape Lawsuit

Consent is the main issue in the $21 million sexual assault litigation against the NBA star

Cosby Loses Attempt to Have Charges Dropped

Prosecutors say they have enough evidence to proceed to a trial