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Jay-Z Is Bringing Trayvon Martin’s Life & Legacy To The ...

Jay-Z and The Weinstein Company are about to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin in the most amazing way.

Trayvon Martin Case Prosecutor Loses Election

Angela Corey, who failed to win a conviction against George Zimmerman was beaten in a Florida primary election

George Zimmerman Allegedly Punched in Face

Former Neighborhood Watch Captain allegedly was bragging about Trayvon Martin shooting

2nd Site Auctions Zimmerman Gun, Trolls Jump In

George Zimmerman found a second website to auction his gun off, but trolls have hijacked it.

George Zimmerman’s Gun Taken Off Auction

The weapon, a .9mm pistol, was removed from an online brokerage site almost as soon as it went up, without explanation

Trayvon Martin’s Mom Gets Candid

Sybrina Fulton talks pain, healing and her undying quest for justice

George Zimmerman Retweets Trayvon Martin Photo

All but brags about murdering young Black teen on Twitter

George Zimmerman is Homeless, Suffers From PTSD

Details life in exclusive interview

George Zimmerman Shot During Altercation

Former neighborhood watch captain suffered minor gunshot wound

Art Work: Black Sheep Are Not Always Bad

A reflection of society and a mother's heartache

Ridiculous reason George Zimmerman is blaming Obama

It must be read to be believed

Host Hopes Trayvon ‘Whooped’ Zimmerman

Melissa Harris Perry: Travyon had a right to self-defense too

‘Zimmerman Got Away with Murder’

The mother of Trayvon Martin says he took a life "carelessly"

DOJ Unlikely to Charge George Zimmerman

Feds claim there isn't enough evidence

Black Male in A Constant State of Fear

College student reacts to Ferguson, #icantbreathe and beyond

Listen Up: 7-Year-Old Violinist on a Mission

Leah Flynn wants to share her gift with other kids, Ferguson residents

PHOTOS: Artwork in Honor of the Black & Unarmed

Across the country, murals pay homage to the men we've lost

Detroit-Area Man Gets 17 Years in Porch Shooting

Theodore Wafer was found guilty of murdering Renisha McBride

Three Grieving Mothers Speak Out to CNN

Don Lemon talked to the moms of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin & Sean Bell


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