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Trump Issues Transgender Military Ban

According to Trump, transgender troops would be a "disruption" to the military

A.G. Loretta Lynch: N.C. Bathroom Law is Civil Rights Issue

In suing the state, she warned against repeating the discrimination that was fought against in the past

Trans Bathroom Use Shouldn’t Be A Debate

[Opinion] We have better things to focus on than LGBT bathroom use

Judge: MD. Prison Mistreated Transgender Inmate

Victory forces prison system to better train guards on how to handle trans inmates

Breaking: Organizers Disrupt Clinton Event

Demand that polician take a stand with Black trans women

#BlackLivesMatter: Trans Liberation Tuesday

Actvists plan protests throughout the country in response to transgender murders

Stonewall: History Whitewashed Once Again

Film trailer is the latest example of Hollywood whitewashing history

Pentagon to Lift Transgender Ban

Announcement expected this week

Fair Comparison? Rachel Dolezal vs. Caitlyn Jenner

Poll: Are race and gender purely social constructs?

Snoop Blasts Caitlin Jenner as “Science Project”

Poll: Should rapper be in the dog house for this post?

RHOA Star Blasted for Caitlyn Jenner Comments

He came for Caitlyn and they came for him

Watch: Transgender Advocate Speaks To Oprah

Giving a voice to those still battling self

NeNe Leakes Offers Bruce Jenner ‘Fabulous’ Tips

Tells star to "go right on and be fabulous"

LaVerne Cox Poses Nude For ‘Allure’

"OITNB" star goes all out for "Allure" spread

Transgender Teen Stabbed in D.C.

Suspect has a lengthy criminal history

Obama Gives Protection to LGBT Workers

The president has signed an anti-discrimination order

Laverne Cox Pays Tribute to Islan Nettles

Actress honored slain transgender woman at New York's pride parade


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Laverne Cox Covers TIME Magazine

Becomes first transgender actress to cover the weekly news magazine