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TIP Explains Why He Joined Anti-Trump Protests

"I couldn't look my kids in the eyes..."

How to Survive the Holidays

Three ways to dead the drama that comes with family gatherings

TV Picks: What We’re Watching This Week

By// Mariah Craddick Once again, JET navigates you through the channels to the shows we think are worth checking out this week…at your own discretion, ...

T.I. to guest star on ‘Hawaii Five-0’

By//Mariah Craddick Rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris has another acting gig to add to his resume. TVline has announced that he will be appearing on an ...

Tameka “Tiny” Harris: All About the Harrises

BY//S. TIA BROWN Writing and singing made Tameka “Tiny” Harris rich. Marrying rap superstar Tip “T.I.” Harris made her famous. The star of VH1’s newest family-friendly ...