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EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Williams Is Living Boldly & Taking Up Space

Comedian Jessica Williams on her new Netflix rom-com "The Incredible Jessica James," being vocal, J.K. Rowling and Black womanhood.

#BlackGirlMagic Is Sprinkled Throughout ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ Trailer

Jessica Williams has moved on from The Daily Show and landed on Netflix with her own flick, The Incredible Jessica James.

Trevor Noah’s Biting Words On the Philando Castile Verdict

On The Daily Show Monday night, Trevor Noah didn’t hold back about the Philando Castile verdict.

Trevor Noah is Heading to Johannesburg

Get the scoop on what the 'Daily Show' host will be doing in his hometown

Trevor Noah Delivers THE Best Viral Rant On Trump

Daily Show hosts delivers the ultimate verbal smack down

‘Black Trump’ Pokes Fun At GOP Candidate

Trump brags like a rapper, so 'The Daily Show' turned him into one

WATCH: ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’

He promises to continue the war on bulls**t

Trevor Noah Teases ‘The Daily Show’

The comedian will make his debut in September

WATCH: Obama on ‘The Daily Show’

POTUS talks media, politics and the younger genreation

Trevor Noah, Joke Thief?

Russell Peters launched the accusations during an interview recently

Trevor Noah: The Applause and The Scrutiny

Poll: Will Trevor's social media persona affect new gig?

Trevor Noah is ‘Daily Show’s’ New Host

Comedian will replace Jon Stewart by end of year

Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 4/28

Catch up on the hottest headlines


Catch up on the hottest headlines