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Report: George Zimmerman Pulled Over

Recently acquitted figure reportedly had handgun in car

Rescuers Search Ruins of Texas Fertilizer Plant

Rescue workers searched the smoldering ruins of a fertilizer plant Thursday.

Student Arrested in Texas College Stabbing Attack

A student went on a building-to-building stabbing attack at a Texas community college Tuesday.

Victim’s Sister Speaks: Lone Star College Shooting

An altercation lead to the shooting of three people at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas.

Texas Woman Buys Cheap iPad, Gets Mirror Instead

A Texas woman named Jalonta Freeman purchased what she thought was an $800 iPad for $200 but it turned out to be a mirror attached ...

Judge expected to rule in Bible verse banner suit

A Texas judge is expected to rule whether cheerleaders should be allowed to continue quoting biblical scriptures on banners at high school football games.

Mom charged in deaths of 2 infant sons

HOUSTON — Police say a Southeast Texas woman who is pregnant with her fourth child has been charged in the deaths of her two infant ...

NFL Hall of Famer undergoes treatment

AUSTIN, Texas — NFL Hall of Famer Earl Campbell says he is undergoing nerve treatment after doctors ruled out concerns that he might have Lou Gehrig’s ...

1st of 12 men sentenced in sex assault case

LIBERTY, Texas — A jury deliberated for about 20 minutes Thursday before convicting a man of sexually assaulting a middle school student who prosecutors say ...