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An Open Letter to Kanye West

"I am rooting for you Kanye. I am praying for your family, your health, and your protection"

Why Men Never Criticize Other Men

[OPINION] Men are not perfect in relationships. Why isn't anyone holding them accountable?

Trump’s ‘New Deal’ Offers Little More Than Rhetoric

[OPINION] Trump has a superficial understanding of what has been happening in Black America

Racism is Conditional

Two different countries, two vastly different histories

A Message To The Bitter Single Mother

[Op-ed] The minute you have a child, it becomes about them, not you

When One Tomboy Posed as a Pageant Girl…

One reader recounts her Miss America experience

Talk Back: Eyes Wide Shut

Domestic violence: Anyone can be a victim

TalkBack: Love & You

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Talk Back: ‘From 20 Beautiful Women Vol. 2’

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My Biological Clock is No One’s Business

“When are You Having Babies" Is Not A Conversation Starter

How A Man Came To Understand Sexual Assault

A reader weighs in on the importance of sexual assault NOT happening

9/11: I Remember

A reflection on one of the crimes that changed America forever

Life As A 31-Year-Old Virgin

A reader on why he's "worth the wait"

How Hurricane Katrina Changed My Life

A story of pain, change and resilience

Domestic Violence & Selective Outrage

Don't just speak out against domestic violence when you feel like it

When The Parachute Color Relates to Workers of Color

Standardize layoff stats so everyone gets a fair deal

The Petty Baby Mama Complex

What mothers can learn from Ciara

Book Excerpt: ‘Ladies Who Lunch & Love’

A tale of love, risks and going after your dreams

Still Seeking Justice

Black bodies are becoming hashtags at astronomical rates, justice must be sought and served

Book Excerpt: ‘Against All Odds’

From the projects to the penthouse