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The Anti-Blackness of the Asian Community

A writer wonders if the Asian community can overcome its anti-blackness.

The Beauty of the Black Woman

A gentle reminder that YOUR Black is beautiful

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The Next Oprah Is Here…It’s Steve Harvey

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A Lesson on Social Media And Self Worth

[Opinion] "Likes" should be completely separate from your self-esteem

Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do? Clean Up!

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Who Really Wins When Women Fight Over Men?

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[Opinion] LeBron James Stay Yo Butt in Cleveland

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Justin Bieber’s Dreads: An Insult to Black Fans

[Opinion] Justin Bieber's dreads aren't a style, it's disrespect

Where’s the White Privilege Emoji?

Opinion: White privilege needs its own online representative

In Response to Steve Grand: 21 Real Targets

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Illness Is Not A Death Sentence

Your illness does not have to be a death sentence to your dreams

Dear Scared White People

An open letter to the white people who resist inclusion

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Chris Rock's rape and lynching jokes were no laughing matter

Ben Carson’s Definition of Blackness Fails

Why Ben Carson's definition of Blackness misses the mark

Talk Back: I Am Sandra Bland

A gun can take a life, but it cannot stop a life

Talk Back: Tough Love

Sometimes the greatest love is letting go

IF He Is On His 3rd Baby Mama…

A reader weighs in on the "odds" of changing a mate

Beyoncé: Blonde Ambition & Black Power

She boasted about afros and big noses, but where is hers?

Talk Back: Erasing the ‘Plan’

What one reader learned about infertility and God's will

Talk Back: The Awakening

How battling cancer inspired me to do greater