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When It Comes to This, Millennials Are Quite Old-Fashioned

As independent and forward-thinking as they are, millennials do value this one marriage tradition

Clinton Leading Trump In Recent Polls

Clinton's lead is stronger amongst college educated white women than men with 57-38 results 23 points ahead of her rival.

Poll: Two-Thirds of Blacks Harassed by Police

Survey also found that Blacks, Hispanics still desire strong police presence in communities

Blacks, Whites Disagree on Race, Inequality

In a world that appears to be changing, the need to improve on race relations remains the same

Report: ‘Black Millennials in America’

Report sheds light on life of Black, millennial Americans

Read: Survey on Race Relations in America

Most respondents believe race relations worse than 10 years ago

Black Residents See Less Progress after Katrina

Poll reveals that Blacks view post-storm progress unfavorably

Most Whites Approve of Police Aggression

Far more likely to agree with cops striking suspects

New Data Shows Poverty On the Rise

Black children make up 26 percent of the poverty rate