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SCOTUS Rejects Appeal Over Texas Voter ID Law

The decision represents a win for voting rights advocates, but possibly only temporary

Trump Meets With Possible SCOTUS Pick

U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge William Pryor is on the President-elect's short list for the Supreme Court.

SCOTUS Won’t Issue Voter Intimidation Order

The Supreme Court told Ohio Democrats the state already has a preventative law in place

Supreme Court Rules on Crucial Abortion Issue

Justices say abortion clinic regulations in Texas were really just attempts to prevent women from using their services

Affirmative Action Gets Win in Supreme Court

The High Court will allow the University of Texas to use the policy in admissions

Ruling Leaves Puerto Rico at Congress’ Mercy

The island is struggling to overcome a decade old financial crisis

Guess Why #ClarenceThomas is Trending Again

Lone justice voted against a Black man getting a fair trial

Obama Supreme Court Replacement Stalled

President made case for supreme court nominee at University of Chicago on Thursday

Obama Picks Nominee for Supreme Court

The POTUS has selected U.S. Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland

Clarence Thomas Has A Question

After a decade of courtroom silence, Justice Thomas speaks in court

Report: Justice Scalia Died of ‘Natural Causes’

Top judge passed away over the weekend

Supreme Court Revisits Affirmative Action Case

Conservative judges may attempt to scale back or eliminate the policy at the University of Texas

4th Supreme Court Review for Health Law

Obama 5-year-old healthcare law to be disputed once again

Supreme Court: Where Were the Black Jurors?

Nation's highest court signals support for Timothy Tyrone Foster who claims prosecutors improperly kept African-Americans off the jury

Supreme Court to Revisit Race, Education

Court ruled Monday to take a second look at use of race in admissions decisions

Ky. Clerk Jailed for Refusing LGBT Marriage Licenses

Defiant county clerk ordered to jail for contempt Thursday

Ky. Clerk Still Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses

Clerk cites religious beliefs, "God's authority" for refusing gay couples right to marry

Supreme Court to Rehear Affirmative Action Case

Justices to hear case of white woman denied admission to Texas school

Black Church Reacts To LGBT Unions

Black Church organization expresses support for same-sex marriage

Same-Sex Marriage Legalized Nationwide

Good news for couples looking to make it official