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Study: Explicit Bias Against Black Women’s Hair

Study suggests that Americans, regardless of race and gender all have negative view of textured hair

Black Preschoolers: Victims of Implicit Bias

Teachers perceive Black youth as more disruptive in classroom

Report: Education, Status Doesn’t Fix Wage Gap

A new report by economists highlights the expansion of wage inequality

Report: Most Racist Colleges in America

Click here to find out if your school is on the list

Study: Discrimination Linked to Poor Health

Continuous discrimination can impact one's health

Doctors Less Sympathetic With Black Patients

When it comes to dying patients, this study suggest that race matters

Report: Inmate Families Face Economic Hardships

50% of families are unable to afford sufficient food and adequate housing

Study: U.S. Sentiment of Police Departments

Study reveals that close to half of Americans have negative views of departments

Half of Blacks Say Police Treated Them Unfairly

Study highlights racial discrimination between police, public

Study: July 4 Fireworks Spew Pollution

Holiday explosions temporarily boosted the levels of airborne microscopic particles that can pose a health risk.

Gunman in Charleston Church Shooting Identified

Dylann Storm Roof opened fire on a Bible group late Wednesday Evening

Black, Hispanic Retail Workers Paid Less

More evidence that equality must be exercised on all fronts.

Kanye West, Beyoncé Lyrics at 3rd Grade Level

Music is getting dumber and there's a study to prove it

Study: Increase in Suicide Among Black Boys

Findings of report highlights potential racial disparities among children

Study: Chances of dying in car crash Plunge

Plus: Find out the riskiest car models to drive

Little Racial Equality Growth for Black Men

Incarceration and unemployment rates remain high

Pre-school to Prison Pipeline?

How Black parents can save our babies from stigma

CDC: 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol

ATLANTA — A government survey shows 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol and some even go on binges. The Centers for Disease Control and ...