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17 DC Students Receive Scholarships

Students overcome tragedy to win full college scholarships

Protesters Greet David Duke at La. Debate

The former Ku Klux Klan wizard was met with angry demonstrations

‘Out of Africa’ Remarks Cause Student Walkout

Student: "A lot of people left. It was embarrassing"

Campus Racial Strife Hits University of Michigan

Students are angered by what was found hanging along walls in two halls on the campus

2 Teens Dead After Finding, Playing With Firearm

A witness says one teen fatally shot himself after his friend got shot Petition Born After ‘N-Word’ Incident

"This hurtful use of a racial slur is a complete disregard for the dignity of the black community"

Students Pose With N-Word on Shirts

Students spelled out "ni**er" with T-shirts

Los Angeles Schools Shut Down Due to Threat

The broad school district has 640,000 students in more than 900 schools

Stomping the Yard: Black Students,White Spaces

The struggle to survive at predominantly white institutions

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Makes History

Philharmonic engaged in a musical exchange with Cuban musicians

Video: Apple Store Accused of Racial Profiling

Student: "I never though something like this would happen.."

Why #ConcernedStudent1950 is Necessary

Movement is needed now more than ever

High School Students Protest Lynching Threat

More than 1,500 Berkeley High students walked out of classes Thursday

S.C. Students Protest in Support of Ben Fields

Students attempted to stage a walkout Friday morning

Teens Suspended for Confederate Flag Wear

Several students showed up in offensive attire

High School Graduation Rate Soars in U.S.

But Blacks, students of color still lag behind

Watch: Wale Joins Student Activists in Baltimore

Rapper encouraged students to remain optimistic during time of unrest

Students Charged For Attacking Classmates

Student and mother seek justice

Black UVA Student Bloodied by Police

Partying came with an unfair price

Vice Principal: “I Just Don’t Like the Black Kids”

If this is joke, no one is laughing