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Reverend Al Sharpton and The Rejected Stone

The author, activist and host on race, false nostalgia and being misunderstood

Good News: Marissa Alexander Gets Retrial

Woman previously sentenced to 20 years

SMH: Stand Your Ground

Take the poll to decide which is the most ridiculous

Move On from Miley Cyrus

Five reasons why this Disney dud isn't worth our time

Civil Rights Icon: “Violence is a Disease”

Co-architect of "I Have a Dream Speech" addresses today's inequities

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PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

Video uses actual audio from 911 calls

Sybrina Fulton Speaks Out Against Stop-and-Frisk

Trayvon Martin's mother says policy targets minorities

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“Stand Your Ground” Law Gets Hearings

Protestors known as Dream Defenders demand change

Trayvon’s Law

The NAACP creates regulations in Trayvon's name

Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 7/29

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Sybrina Fulton: Repeal “Stand Your Ground”

Trayvon Martin's mother speaks at National Bar Association news conference

Paul Mooney dishes to JET

Legendary comedian discusses race relations.

Exclusive: Jordan Davis’s Father Updates JET

The father of Jordan Davis updates us on the controversial case

Jordan Davis: A Look Back at Standing Our Ground

As Jordan Davis's shooter gets closer to trial, a look back at this teen's life.

Florida Mom Receives 20-Year Sentence

The nation’s eyes are trained on Florida because of the racially polarizing trial against George Zimmerman, but there is a significant update to another controversial ...