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Confederate Tributes: Thinking Beyond the Flag

Confederate tributes go well beyond a flag

SC Lawmakers Vote on Confederate Flag

Voted to consider removing the Confederate battle flag from their Statehouse grounds

Walmart, Sears Ban Confederate Flag Products

Country's two largest retailers discontinue carrying of racist merchandise

Confederate Monument Defaced in Charleston

Protesters want us to know that #BlackLivesMatter.

Reflections on the Charleston Shooting

A reader reflects on racial injustice in America.

Charleston Shooter: ‘Blacks Were Taking Over’

Former friend said shooter was an 'avowed racist.'

In Response to the #CharlestonShooting

Horrific act is latest reminder of racism in America.

#CharlestonShooting: Social Media Reacts

Ordeal brings about mixed emotions. Hunt for gunman continues

Gunman in Charleston Church Shooting Identified

Dylann Storm Roof opened fire on a Bible group late Wednesday Evening

Fmr. Cop Indicted for Walter Scott Killing

Former officer shot Walter Scott eight times in back during a traffic stop

Walter Scott’s Passenger Speaks Out

"He didn't deserve to die"

Walter Scott Witness ‘Feared For His Life’

Witness says he feared for his life

Watch: Dash Cam Video of Walter Scott Killing

Four minute video starts off as a routine traffic stop

How Can We Prevent the Next Walter Scott?

Activist shares solutions to "open season" on Black men

GoFundMe Rejects Campaign for Cop Charged With Murder

Page violated terms and conditions of site

Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Charged

Officer fired eight shots at Scott killing him instantly

Segregated War Memorial Riles Community

What year is this? White and colored graves?

KKK Vandalizes South Carolina High School

Hate group "commemorates" Black History month

Three Advantages to Attending an HBCU

Clafin University student shares reasons to attend an HBCU

70 Years Later: George Stinney, 14, Finally Exonerated

Judge causes nearly century old case "great injustice"