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Are Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Done?

Rumor mill of alleged breakup swirls after Instagram posts.

Trending: #AskPOTUS

Thousands of questions asked under hashtag

Colin Kaepernick Apologizes Houston Flood Post

Think before you tweet Mr. Kaepernick

Tyson, Chris Brown Beef Over Karreuche

Chris Brown, just be breezy fam

Finding Time To Love

And no, swiping your way through match apps doesn't count

Kylie Jenner Responds to Ridiculous Challenge

In case you missed it, teens, (and adults) unfortunately, are trying the #KylieJennerChallenge. The star took to social media a couple of days ago to challenge ...

#KylieJennerChallenge has folks looking crazy

The challenges have got to end

You Got Served: Divorce via Facebook

A unique use of social media

Lindsay Lohan and the N-Word

Instagram edit almost saved you didn't

“The Dress” Appears in Domestic Violence PSA

#Talkback: Is this an innovative way to raise awareness?

US Settles Case Over Fake Facebook Page

DEA agent created the fake social media page as part of a drug investigation

Happy Headline: Facebook Launches Amber Alert

The site has aided in many children reuniting with family

Snoop Dogg Slapped With Lawsuit

What will be the outcome of the lawsuit?

Rev. Jesse Jackson Keynote at Social Media Week

Get the details and the date here

14 Social Media Beefs & Brawls of 2014

Twitter beefs & Instagram memes, no battling in the streets

The Purge: Instagram Cleans House

The entertainer was put on blast for buying Instagram followers

CNN’s #AskACop Elicits Brutal Backlash

The CNN-suggested hashtag a definite fail whale

Strange Fruit PR Firm Apologizes for Name

The PR firm issued a statement with company name change

Celebrities React to Ferguson Decision

Darren Wilson's non-indictment sparks fear for parents of young Black boys