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Dating & Mental Illness: 5 Ways to Deal

Dealing with a lover who suffers from mental illness can be taxing. Here's how to maintain your peace

Marissa Alexander Freed After Years Behind Bars

Mother of three gets another shot at life outside of prison

Study: Explicit Bias Against Black Women’s Hair

Study suggests that Americans, regardless of race and gender all have negative view of textured hair

Pharrell Williams and Wife Welcome Triplets

The Williams welcome three bundles of joy to their growing family

State Attorneys General Begin Lawsuits Against Trump

In a pushback to White House policy, state attorneys general are taking the White House to court.

NSBE Launches #BlackSTEMLikeMe Campaign

Initiative seeks to highlight accomplishments, pros of being a Black engineer

Marshawn Lynch in Scotland, This is Awesome!

This just might put a smile on your face!

Simone Biles Has the “Inside Edition” on #SB51

The olympic medalist is granting full access to the biggest sports event of the year!

In Love, The ‘Good Guy’ Doesn’t Exist

Do good guys really exist? This writer says no

ISF Bank is Last Black-Owned Bank in Chicago

Seaway Bank and Trust has been sold, leaving ISF to serve the city's public

Web Series Alert: “Growing up Immigrant”

Nathaniel Kweku, a Ghanaian-American actor, writer and director introduces comedic web series

1st Muslim Congressman: ‘Trump Must Be Stopped’

Rep. Keith Ellison is challenging people to take their concerns to the streets

Paula Patton Details Robin Thicke’s Abuse

Abuse and a custody battle is ripping this family apart.

UW Student Pleads Guilty to Black Church Arson

33-year-old Daniel Dropik pleaded guilty after setting two predominantly Black churches on fire

Emmett Till Accuser Has A Confession

“Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him”

Chief Keef Arrested after Volatile Home Invasion

The "I Don't Like" rapper is accused of robbing former music producer at gunpoint