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Gynecologist Gave Bill Cosby Quaaludes

Discovery is the latest revelation in the Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal

Deposition: Cosby Paid Women For Silence

Said he had paid women after sex to keep the affairs from wife

Obama Addresses Cosby Medal Controversy

President shares message of zero tolerance for rape.

Whoopi Goldberg Changes Mind About Bill Cosby

Comedian says she was unaware of statute of limitations regarding rape cases

Group: ‘Revoke Cosby’s Medal of Freedom’

A group wants Cosby's big achievement gone

Disney Removes Confederate Flag From Exhibit

Move comes just two days after park removed Bill Cosby statue

Disney Removes Bill Cosby Statue

Removal comes days after documents of star admitting to giving a woman sedatives surfaced.

Lawyer: Cosby’s Admission Could Help Women’s Suit

Cosby's unsealed testimony could enhance women's claims of defamation, sexual assault

#ArneshaBowers: Suspect Denied Bail

Teen girl was sexually assault, strangled in home Sunday.

3 More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Rape

Total now raised to 41

Former NFL Safety Darren Sharper Sentenced

Find out his it harsh enough?

Two Arrested In Texas Teen’s Rape

#JusticeForJada may be on its way

Bad News for Lincoln University President

Robert J. Jennings has worked with the HBCU since 2012

Campus Sexual Assault Reports on the Rise

"Yes Means Yes" requires students to give consent before sex


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Jerry Sandusky’s Son Tells Oprah His Story of Abuse

"At bedtime, his ritual began," he told Oprah

55 Schools Face US Federal Sex Assault Probe

Investigation comes day after White House announced college rape campaign

White House Denounces Sexual Assault in PSA

"1 is 2 Many" campaign takes aim at campus rape

Principal Faces Sex Charges

North Carolina educator accused of assaulting three boys

Zimbabwe Soldier Kidnapped, Raped By Female Gang

A soldier in Zimbabwe is kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a gang of women for several days before being dropped off on a remote mountain ...

1st of 12 men sentenced in sex assault case

LIBERTY, Texas — A jury deliberated for about 20 minutes Thursday before convicting a man of sexually assaulting a middle school student who prosecutors say ...