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Remember The Inferno 25 Years Later In ‘LA 92’

25 years ago, the world watched as Los Angeles went up in flames.

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Hot must-see LA Riots documentary,  Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992–an explosive look at the events that became the catalyst behind the riots.

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Rodney King’s Daughter Stands with LAPD

Lora King says she's following in her father's footsteps. What do you think of her stance?

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Film will focus on the actions that transformed America's reaction to injustice

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Rodney King death ruled accidental

Drugs also found in system of brutality victim who was key figure in LA riots

Rodney King on the L.A. riots

By// Miki Turner Several hundred people filed into the Eso Won bookstore in L.A.’s historic Leimert Park district Monday to see Rodney King on the ...