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Chief Keef Arrested after Volatile Home Invasion

The "I Don't Like" rapper is accused of robbing former music producer at gunpoint

Politician Overpowers Would-be Robbers

Illinois State Sen. Napoleon Harris put a whupping on four would-be assailants

Black Man Shot By Cop After Reporting Robbery

48-year-old Carl Williams was shot in the stomach after calling 911

Hero Teen Who Saved Girl, Gets Robbery Rap

Once hailed for rescuing a little girl, Temar Boggs will now ponder how he wound up in jail

Knicks Player Cleanthony Early Shot Outside of Club

Knicks player is in stable condition

FBI Investigate Wu-Tang Clan Members

FBI searching for members connection to a 1999 case

Report: Chris Brown’s Friends in on Robbery

Police, singer believe "close friends" robbed home

Chris Brown’s Home Invaded Again

Brown's aunt was home and forced into a closet

Suge Knight Refuses to Leave Jail Cell

Says he's "too sick" to go to court

Update: 50 Cent Cleared of Theft Allegations

Jeweler accused rapper of robbing, assaulting him in store

DMX…Return of The “Stick-up Kid?”

Is the Dog up to his old tricks?


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Arrest in Murder of Demarius Reed

Violence against football player prompts school changes

Aryan Brotherhood Places Bounty On Black Teens

White supremacist group willing to pay for revenge

Robbery For Trayvon?

Black men allegedly rob White man in name of slain teen

5 Men Charged for Robbing guests at House Party

Five Illinois men are charged with home invasion and armed robbery after stealing from guests at a house party they intruded.