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Trump Dismisses Rumors Regarding RNC Rift

Donald Trump to RNC: "If you cut me off, I'll cut you off"

Clinton Leading Trump In Recent Polls

Clinton's lead is stronger amongst college educated white women than men with 57-38 results 23 points ahead of her rival.

Obama condemns Trump’s U.S. criticism

President Obama will let the American people judge.

RNC to Spend $10 to Reach Minorities

Reeling from back-to-back presidential losses and struggling to cope with the country's changing racial and ethnic makeup, the Republican National Committee plans to spend $10 ...

TV picks: What we’re watching this week

By// Mariah Craddick Tired of flipping through channel after channel only to find yourself watching the same episode of Law & Order: SVU again? Let ...

Axelrod: Romney offered snark, few details

WASHINGTON — A top adviser to President Obama says Mitt Romney was short on details in his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention. David ...

Celebs tweet about Eastwood at RNC

A sampling of celebrity tweets in response to Clint Eastwood’s odd conversation with an invisible President Barack Obama in an empty chair before the Republican National ...

Trouble with the chair: Clint mocked for RNC bit

Eastwood's awkward performance hotter Twitter topic than Romney's acceptance speech

Black camerawoman speaks on RNC incident

  NEW YORK — A Black camerawoman who works for CNN said Thursday that she was not surprised to have two people at the Republican ...

Report: RNC attendee berates Black camerawoman

Allegedly threw nuts at the journalist and said 'This is how we feed animals'