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Report Shines Light on Black, Affluent Consumers

We're more powerful than you may think

Report: Undercover Cops Monitored Protesters

Reportedly took photos of activists, recorded activities

Boko Haram Wants to Negotiate With Nigeria

New leader reportedly wants a sit down with Nigeria's government

Report: Black Youth Singled Out by Food Chains

Black youth viewed 70 percent more food-related TV advertising compared with their white peers

Suspect in Theater Attack Had Mental Issues

Officials say attack launched by disturbed homeless man

Officials Release Sandra Bland Toxicology Report

Bland was found dead in the Waller County jail on July 13

In Response to Black Poverty

Researchers challenge us to look at poverty from the inside out

Report: 10 States With the Most Hate Groups

Mississippi tops list of states with the most hate groups

History of Violence: An Interactive Map

Map catalogs history of collective violence in communities

Report: 79% of Elected Prosecutors Are White Men

Fifteen states do not have a single Black prosecutor

Watch: Dominican-Haitian Registration Zero Hour

As time winds down, thousands of Haitians in the DR scramble to stay.

Report: Chicago Reaches More Than 1,000 Shootings

An unfortunate milestone.

High School Graduation Rate Soars in U.S.

But Blacks, students of color still lag behind

Missouri Cops Stop Blacks at Alarming Rate

Blacks are 73% more likely to be pulled over by police

Report: Police Have Killed 385 People This Year

Analysis reveals police kill at rate of 2.6 people a day

Study: Increase in Suicide Among Black Boys

Findings of report highlights potential racial disparities among children

Update: B.B. King Doing ‘Much Better’

Blues singer reportedly doing "much better"

Over 100 People Killed by Police in March

An average of 3 people a day die at the hands of law enforcement

Report highlights Atlanta’s AIDS epidemic

More than half of newly diagnosed HIV patients in the city have AIDS.

Herbal Supplement Shenanigans?

Data reveals potential, and serious, health risks

Rodney King death ruled accidental

Drugs also found in system of brutality victim who was key figure in LA riots