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Plea Deal Talks Fall Apart in Chris Brown Case

The singer is now headed for trial

Rap Is Not to Blame for Donald Sterling

Opinion: Deep-seated beliefs, not radio rap, created this monster

Mannie Fresh Performs at Red Bull Concert

Joins local artists for Chicago showcase

What Ever Happened To: Charli Baltimore

Extended interview with one of the '90s most wanted rappers

LeBron James Raps

By//Andrea Watson Not everyone can make a smooth crossover from basketball to rap the way Shaquille O’Neal did. With a gold album (Shaq Diesel, 1993) ...

Poll: Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) Faces Off Against Force ...

These days, rap artists are often blamed for having a negative impact on society, from glorifying reckless materialism to violence, but there are a number ...

Chris Kelly Died of Drug Overdose, Says Toxicology Report

By//Jessica Paris  When news broke that Chris Kelly of the 90s hit group Kris Kross had passed two months ago, it shocked the hip-hop community ...

Drake Looks to Collect ‘Y.O.L.O.’ Catchphrase Royalties

Canadian rap icon Drake is looking to collect on his popular motto, "YOLO."

Trina Sued For $50 Million After Ditching Appearance

Rapper Trina sued for $50 million in damages after failure to attend judging competition.

Lil Wayne reveals new shoe line

MTV reported that Lil Wayne will release a line of shoes with SURPA footwear. The renowned rapper said he had been wearing SURPA shoes for ...