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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Response to Trump Comments

"This country is rich with an ugly past characterized by genocide, slavery and rooted in white supremacist values"

Study: Police Feel Negatively About #BLM Movt.

A large portion of police officers surveyed feel movement is unnecessary, overblown

Broadway Actor Says He Was Called N-word

"Motown the Musical" Actor said White woman also physically attacked him on Thursday

Customer Leaves ‘Don’t Tip Black People’ on Receipt

Couple left racist message instead of tip for Black waitress

Ugly Racial Prank Aimed at Jersey Girls’ B-ball Team

Officials are investigating what is likely a racially motivated incident in Clark, N.J.

Interracial Outrage: In-Laws Cut Grandkids’ Hair

Expert advice on a situation all to familiar in these times

When Being Racist Gets You a Slap to the Face

White woman catches a palm to the face after spitting in Black man's mouth

Interracial Dating: The Most Important 1st Step

[OPINION] In love, sometimes self-hate is at play, and that should never be in the equation

Swastika Painted on NFL Star’s Home

Nikita Whitlock: "Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, there's no need for that"

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

"In the early days of your transition to power, a very disturbing trend has already emerged"

SWV’s Coko says Son was Target of Racism

Singer takes frustration to social media then heads to son's school

Protests Rise Over S. Africa Racist Coffin Assault

An incident in which two White men allegedly forced a Black man into a coffin has outraged the nation.

The Day We Elected Hatred

[OPINION] Trump's win is pretty terrible, but we are a resilient race

Racism is Conditional

Two different countries, two vastly different histories

Black Students Attacked at American University?

Black college freshman says a banana was hurled at her by two white students

Stop Being Racist: Black Mother Confronts Store Clerk

Family Dollar cashier made racist comments about children's attire

Hey Lil Wayne, Racism Still Exists

Seriously Weezy?! Not you too

Subdivision Has ‘Whites Only’ Clause on Books

Couple discovered racist and discriminatory clause while signing closing documents on home

Woman Gets Racist Letter About Her Grandkids

Kansas woman stunned after anonymous note targets her biracial family