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The Result of Using Racial Slurs Is…

Black woman left a White man physically UNDER the seat after his repeated use of racial slurs

Chicago Man Hurls Racial Slurs At Woman

Woman was subjected to foul, derogatory language during walk home earlier this week

MLB Star Taunted, Called Racial Slurs At Game

Cubs player Jason Heyward was allegedly called the N-word at a game

What Year Is This? Racist Woman Goes Off

White woman goes full racist for getting wet at the beach

Michigan Student Bullied With Racial Slurs

Student called the n-word, among other things

School Under Fire for “Blacks Only” Assembly

Teacher's racial slur talk backfires

Cleaning Up Language Could be Part of NFL Changes

Players could be fined for racial and gender-related slurs

Richie Incognito Directs Racial Slurs at Teammate

Miami Dolphin player calls teammate "half-n*gger" on voicemail

What Year Is This? Slave Re-enactment

Exercise included being placed in a "slave ship," chased through a field