Tag: racial profiling

CPD Officers Cleared in Rep. Rush Profiling Case

Congressman filed complaint against officers following traffic stop last August

Denver Post Screws Up With Mugshot

Media publication called out, accused of racial bias

What Year Is This? Intern Fired For Racist Tweet

Cluelessness and racism continues to circulate

John Henson Claims He Was Racially Profiled

Another case of shopping while Black

NBA Union Backs Thabo Sefolosha

NBA Players Association made the announcement on Wednesday

Ca. Bill Aimed At Curbing Racial Profiling Signed

Police now must record race of everyone detained or arrested

School Mistakes Muslim Teen’s Clock for Bomb

Social media reacts to the horrible assumption made by teachers

Town Hall Targets Profiling, Police Brutality

Hundreds expected to gather, discuss civil and social justice

Women Humiliated, Kicked Off Of Train

What year is this?!

Cop testifies in Jonathan Ferrell Shooting Trial

Fellow officer says he would've acting differently

Half of Blacks Say Police Treated Them Unfairly

Study highlights racial discrimination between police, public

Trending: #IfIDieinPoliceCustody

Americans reveal just how much they don't trust police

Missouri Cops Stop Blacks at Alarming Rate

Blacks are 73% more likely to be pulled over by police

Chicago Police Sobriety Tests Target Blacks

A sobering reminder of what it's like to be Black in America

Report: Tamir Rice’s Mother is Homeless

12-year-old was fatally wounded while playing near his home

T.I. Talks Police Brutality and Lyrical Content

Artists call for the end of police brutality with aggressive lyrical content

Update: Nouveau Tavern to Reopen

Restaurant banned from playing live music--DJs

Cop Who Killed Walter Scott Charged

Officer fired eight shots at Scott killing him instantly

Video: Minn. Cop Threatens Black Teen

Civil rights group is calling for an investigation

Most Whites Approve of Police Aggression

Far more likely to agree with cops striking suspects

Over 100 People Killed by Police in March

An average of 3 people a day die at the hands of law enforcement