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Activists Pepper-Sprayed at Pre-inauguration Rally

Protesters and supporters of Trump clashed Thursday evening outside a pro-Trump event in Washington. Police used chemical spray on some protesters in an effort to ...

Black Lives Matter Protest Prompts Complaint

Protesters say their race motivated police to ban them from rallying at Graceland

Protesting Pays Off for UC Berkeley Students

Black Student Union rallied for a safe space for African American students...and won.

Job Applications for Dallas PD Triple

After police chief challengers protesters to apply, department sees surge in applications

Trump Cancels Chicago Rally for Fear of Violence

Jubilant crowds celebrated when plans for the event were halted.

Chicago Protesters Stage 16-hour Sit-In

Call for resignation of State's Attorney Anita Alvarez

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot in Minnesota

Activists expected to recover from injuries

MU Votes on Professor Who Blocked Journalists

Melissa Click could lose her job at the institution

Police Disband Sit-in at Baltimore City Hall

As many as 50 protesters disrupted a meeting Wednesday night

Baltimore Protester Released from Custody

Protester arrested during pretrial hearing in Freddie Gray case Wednesday

Report: Undercover Cops Monitored Protesters

Reportedly took photos of activists, recorded activities

Watch: Protesters Confront Hillary Clinton

Black Lives Matter protesters are fed up with the state of America

Group Turns Ferguson Protests Into Gun Debate

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri are heating up.

Protesters Gather for Sandra Bland March

Activists rallied in Chicago after hours-long video of Bland released

STL Police Use Stun Guns on Peaceful Protesters

Protesters say police attacked them without reason

10-year-old Pepper-Sprayed By Police

Have officers gone too far?

Tony Robinson Protesters Storm Wisconsin Capital

Police say activists are 'peacefully demonstrating'

A Quick Lesson On Baltimore

What they're not showing you

Officials: ‘No Decision On Freddie Gray Case’

Will turn over findings of a police investigation to state's attorney by Friday.

More Than 100 Baltimore Protesters Released

Public Defender launches petition on protesters' behalf

#BlackLivesMatter: The Never 21 Project

Protesters switched shirts on store's mannequins in protest of police brutality