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Teens Organize Sit-In Against Police Brutality

The fight for justice continues with teens taking a stand

Dallas Attack Suspect Wanted to ‘Kill White Officers’

Alleged shooter was killed by a police explosive device

BLM Activist Convicted on Former “Lynching” Law

Jasmine Richards is facing four years in jail on charges of disrupting an arrest

‘Fight for 15’ Protesters Take Rally to McDonald’s

Worker: "Nothing is going to stop us until we win"

Pastor Prays Against Chicago Violence

Thousands joined Pastor John Hannah to tackle the city's gun violence issue

3 Arrested During Ferguson Protest Cleared

Activists were arrested at prayer vigil two days after Brown's murder

Race Issues Boil Over at Chicago Private School

Student-led movement at St. Ignatius College Prep goes social with #beingPOCatignatius

Spelman Pushes for Consent Classes After Rape

Rape allegations trigger protests, call for action on campus

6 Arrested During Baltimore Protest Sue City

Baltimore Police Department, the state and more than a dozen officers listed in suit

Thousands Protest to Support Cop in Akai Gurley Case

Demonstrators in several cities say officer Peter Liang was a scapegoat

Protesters Shut Down Chicago Expressway

Activists are hoping to save HBCU in danger of closing down

LaQuan McDonald Sparks Second Walkout

Chicago City Workers, Students Push for Mayoral Resignation

Pita Shop Defends Black Lives Matter Support

Defies complaints by rehanging "Black Lives Matter" sign

Family of Laquan McDonald To Speak Publicly

Family still grieving following the release of graphic video

DOJ to Investigate Chicago Police Department

Justice Department takes action

Talk back: In Response to Tyshawn and Laquan

Protesting Laquan's murder is about more than police brutality

Chicago Activists Meet to End City’s Injustices

Chicago activists hold court to tackle citywide issues and injustices

Five Shot at Protest of Police in Minneapolis

Police searching for three suspects

Donald Trump Condones Roughing Up Protester

GOP presidential hopeful made comments on Sunday

Justice Dept. to Investigate Fatal Police Shooting

Lawyers will decide if video footage of fatal shooting will be released

Towson University Protest Ends With Change

Student activists got their list of demands reviewed, agreed on