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Violence Hits U.C. Berkeley Over Racist Speaker

The planned appearance by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos at the U.C. Berkeley campus had to be cancelled.

These Lawmakers Are Skipping the Inauguration

Rep. Maxine Waters: "I wouldn't waste my time"

Texas A&M Protests White Nationalist with Unity

Unity event will protest White nationalist's appearance on campus

Student Poses as Slave in Protest of Trump

This Yale University student says Trump must go

Eviction Deadline Given at North Dakota Protest

Army Corps of Engineers is giving encamped demonstrators until next week to remove themselves

Tensions Increase at Dakota Pipeline Protest

Law enforcement using more extreme measures against demonstrators

Protests Rise Over S. Africa Racist Coffin Assault

An incident in which two White men allegedly forced a Black man into a coffin has outraged the nation.

CPD Chief to Meet Monthly with Protesters

Meetings come in response to planned protest of fatal police killing of Black man

Video: Chicago Shouts Angst Over Trump

Chicago's demonstrators were among the loudest in the nation protesting Trump

Protests Ensue Following Trump Victory

Protesters vandalized businesses, set trash cans on fire following announcement

Protesters Greet David Duke at La. Debate

The former Ku Klux Klan wizard was met with angry demonstrations

Activists Clash With Cops As Council OKs Contract

Demonstrators arrested as they attempted to stop the passing of law that raises police pay

Activists Arrested Over Video Of Cop Stomping Man

Video footage reportedly shows a police officer stomping a handcuffed man

NFL Player’s Custom Cleats Carry Big Message

Redskins' DeSean Jackson on why he continued his protest against police brutality

Congressional Black Caucus Plans Protest

Members of foundation to march to Justice Department Thursday

Kaepernick Anthem Protest Continues

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is unmoved in his reasons for protesting

Reaction to Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Varies

Some have praised the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, while others have criticized him

Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Traffic in UK

Protesters block streets, shut down traffic in three cities, including London

WNBA Fines Players for “Political” Shirts

Teams, players fined for wearing shirts in protest of police shootings

Son of Alton Sterling Calls for Peace

Teen urges protesters to rally peacefully, leave guns, alcohol at home