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Report: Prince Died Amid Efforts to Break Addiction

The superstar was set to consult with a doctor on kicking painkillers on the day he died

Judge Sets Administrator to Handle Prince’s Estate

No will for the superstar has been found, leaving his relatives to handle his affairs

Dumb Things Said in the Wake of Prince’s Death

Say What?! Some folks should have stayed quiet when it came to "Purple Royalness"

D’Angelo’s Prince Tribute Was Perfect

D'Angelo's 'Tonight Show' appearance gave us chills.

D’Angelo Honors Prince on ‘Tonight Show’

Plus, listen to his cover of "The Purple One's" Venus De Milo

Sister: Prince Had No Known Will

Star passed away last Thursday leaving behind millions that could possibly go unclaimed

Prince Allegedly Stayed Awake for Days

Star's brother-in-law claims he stayed up for 154 hours straight in days leading up to his death

Who Will Cash In On Prince’s Estate?

Good news is that no one (as of yet) is cutting the fool in discussing his assets

‘The Color Purple’ Cast and More Honor Prince!

"The Purple One" is gone be he will never be forgotten

Prince Autopsy Complete, Police Investigation Continuing

As grief outpours globally, authorities are searching for the cause of the superstar's death

[Op-Ed] Long Live the Prince

Prince wasn't just an artist, he was "His Royal Badness"

Classic JET Covers: We Remember Prince

Rest in Purple: Our team has always loved this legend

Breaking: Prince Dead at 57

Megastar found dead in his home Thursday

‘All’s Good’ with Prince After Emergency Landing

The superstar returned to his home after an illness en route to a show

Prince Invites Us In With Memoir

Are you ready to indulge into the full life of "The Purple One?"

Prince Performance Resurfaces

Check out the rare clip inside

Jay Z Announces Tidal Charity Concert

Catch Beyoncé, Prince and more all on one stage

Watch: Prince Delivers Visual for “Baltimore”

With added imagery, the message becomes even more prominent

Beyoncé, Jay Z Visit Family of Freddie Gray

Prince held a “Rally 4 Peace” concert in Baltimore this weekend in remembrance of Freddie Gray and reportedly, Jay Z and Beyoncé were in attendance. ...