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Doctors Less Sympathetic With Black Patients

When it comes to dying patients, this study suggest that race matters

Confederate Flags Left At Ebenezer Church

Flags found early Thursday morning

1 Arrested in SC Fight Over Confederate Flag

Flag supporters clash with protesters on Statehouse grounds.

SC Governor: ‘Remove Confederate Flag’

Confederate flag currently resides on grounds of the state capitol

Racist Or Not? Nouveau Tavern Ordered To Close

Owners claims unfair targeting is at play

Most Whites Approve of Police Aggression

Far more likely to agree with cops striking suspects

A New Era of Black Entertainment

It's time for Blacks to have more lead roles

Classes Cancelled Over Racist Graffiti

Officials say they are investigating the matter

Belgian Newspaper Prints Racist Pic

Paper makes jokes about Obama selling weed

TSA To End ‘Hair Checks’

Administration to no longer screen passengers based on hairstyles

Viral Watch: Fired for Teaching Black History?

Reports: Black principal fired, or inspired resignation of, teachers

Can You Raise a “Pro-Black” Biracial Child?

Rap Rehab contributor shares his story and advice

Talk Back: Blacks Partly to Blame for Troubles

Reader suggests self-help solutions for the larger community

The Moment I Remembered: I’m Black

Yes, Shopping While Black is a thing

MADE OF SHADE: Dr. bell hooks on Zimmerman Effect

Exclusive interview with respected author

Despite President, poll shows prejudice against Blacks

A poll finds racial attitudes unimproved since the United States elected its first black president.