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Obama aims to influence 2016 debate in State of Union

Obama will address income inequality and middle-class economic issues

Top Obamacare Official Steps Down

The administrator's resignation was unexpected.

Census: Johnnie Colemon, Edward W. Brooke

We send condolences to families, loved ones of these pioneers

14 Social Media Beefs & Brawls of 2014

Twitter beefs & Instagram memes, no battling in the streets

Talk Back: Blacks Partly to Blame for Troubles

Reader suggests self-help solutions for the larger community

A Visual Memorial of Marion Barry

A look at the former D.C. mayor throughout the years

TMZ’s Marion Barry Headline Controversy

POLL: Should the gossip site remove the controversial headline?

Marijuana Proponents look to California after victories

Poll: Should Marijuana become legalized for recreational use?

Morning after: Obama, GOP in new political dynamic

Obama will offer his take on Election Day in a news conference

CDC Guard Fired for President Obama Photo

Poll: Was a firing too harsh a punishment?

Spike Lee Calls BS on Post-Racial America

The director notes that the war on Black males is tearing the world apart

‘Scandal’ Recap: O.M.G.

The only truth in Shondaland is that trust is not an option

Kansas candidate slammed for black fathers post

The controversial post featured an image of Darth Vader with racial connotation

GOP Attempts To Get More Black Voters

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says the party is targeting voters of color

Georgia Prepares for History-Making Election

Five African-American women are featured on the statewide ballot