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Still Seeking Justice

Black bodies are becoming hashtags at astronomical rates, justice must be sought and served

Highlights from the GOP Debate

Event felt more like a circus than an actual exchange of ideas

Chief Keef for Mayor?

We dissect the rapper's lyrics to learn about his political platform

A Call for Police Reform

Black business leaders say no to police killings

Pres. Obama Calls Out Fox News

President Obama is not happy about the narratives presented by the major media network

Willie Wilson For President?

Former Chicago mayor hopeful announces 2016 bid

Ja Rule Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Rapper-turned-political commentator? Nah.

Loretta Lynch Wins Confirmation

Lynch is the first Black woman to hold Attorney General position!

Confirmation on the way for Loretta Lynch

The wait is finally coming to an end

Chicago Mayor Says No To “Chiraq” Film Title

The artist and the politician bump heads on considered film title

Did Senate Put Loretta Lynch in ‘Back of Bus?’

Prosecutor has waited longer than last five AG candidates combined to be confirmed

Residents Want to Recall Ferguson Mayor

Mayor position is more figurehead than administrator

Diane Nash Didn’t Go to Selma Because of Bush

She said Bush stood for violence and war when Selma was about nonviolence

Colin Powell: Don’t Like Voter ID? Vote It Out

Colin Powell talks how to fight voter suppression

Democrats choose Philadelphia for 2016 convention

Convention will be held the week of July 25, 2016

Racial Remarks Sink Another Politician

Digital guru, Ethan Czahor was hired to help Jeb Bush's presidential campaign

Obama Seeks to Boost Spending Limits

President proposes $74 billion boost

Senate Opens Hearing for Attorney General Nominee

If confirmed, Lynch would be nation's first black female to hold the post.

2 Chainz For Mayor?

What do you think of his political odds?

Jay Z Commends Governor Cuomo’s Criminal Justice Reform

A change coming in police-civilian relations