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Congressman Steve Scalise Among Those Shot At Alexandria, Va. Baseball ...

Just after 7:00 a.m. this morning, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was among five people shot during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. Scalise ...

My Letter to President Donald Trump

[OPINION] If President Trump were listening, this is what I'd say

Why Friendship Trumps Politics

Kanye’s meeting with Donald Trump makes us wonder if friendship should Trump political affiliation

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

"In the early days of your transition to power, a very disturbing trend has already emerged"

Ben Carson Joins Trump’s Administration After All

It looks like Ben Carson has had a change of heart

Kanye West Said He Would Have Voted for Who?

Yeezy revealed who he would have voted for in the 2016 election -- if he had voted.

When You Talk to Your Kids on the Election…

Every parent has a duty to help their kids to understand what happened

Young People of Color, Whites Politically Divided

Survey suggests Blacks are more likely to have encounters with police, be fans of pro-immigration policies

Nick Cannon Skipping Presidential Election, But…

The actor has a different way to achieve change

Up With Hope?! Are We Wasting Our Vote?

[Opinion] Instead of focusing on a particular political party, let's focus on who is best for the job

President Obama Officially Endorses Clinton

President Obama is "fired up" to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Is Now Real, and I’m Scared

Donald Trump is now one step closer to the White House. Now what?

Talk Back: John Lewis is A Legend

Was John Lewis really wrong to question Sanders' civil rights resume?

Poll: States With Most Politically Engaged Blacks

Report reveals states with best, worst Black voter turnout

John Lewis Softens Stance on Sanders

Civil rights leader seeks to clear up comments about 2016 presidential hopeful

RZA, Say What?!

Wu-Tang member has an interesting perspective on the #BLM movement

Hashtag Takeover: Trending Topics of 2015

#BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, #SayHerName: Did our social media team choose the most topical 'tags?

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The hilarious, questionable and shade throwing videos gone viral

Chicago Protesters Stage Die-In at City Hall

Chicago is adamant about change; wants Rahm out

Russell Simmons Pens Open Letter to Donald Trump

He told the politician to "stop the bullsh*t"