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Did Your Parents Talk to You About Police Brutality When ...

Millions of Black families around the county have had to have “the talk” with their children. And no, we’re not talking about the sex talk, ...

Harry Belafonte, Celebs Star in Compelling PSA

Notable activists unite to share one message: "Black is not a weapon"

Woman Displays Horrors of Police Brutality

Woman's yard is filled with decorations that depict victims of police shootings

Mark Steele “Turn Around” Inspired by Keith Lamont Scott

North Carolina artist is adding his voice to the conversation of injustice

Activists Arrested Over Video Of Cop Stomping Man

Video footage reportedly shows a police officer stomping a handcuffed man

The Most ‘Woke’ BET Hip Hop Awards Performances

These performers took a stance while taking the stage

NFL Player’s Custom Cleats Carry Big Message

Redskins' DeSean Jackson on why he continued his protest against police brutality

Taye Diggs Uses Art to Address Police Brutality

Actor's poem uses the voice of a young Black boy questioning his fate in the world.

Michael Jordan Speaks Out Against Police Violence

The NBA legend broke his silence and says he intends to act

Black Lives Matter Readies Protest at Minnesota Mall

The group is asking demonstrators to help "shut it down"

Roland Martin Schools Wendy Williams on Black Matters

"Race is embedded in the DNA of America." - Roland Martin

Teens Organize Sit-In Against Police Brutality

The fight for justice continues with teens taking a stand

Chicago Protesters March for Sterling, Castile

These protesters demanded justice during one of the city's most popular events

Is it Possible to be Pro-Black and Pro-Cop?

Trevor Noah of 'The Daily Show' thinks so.

Jay Z Releases Protest Song ‘Spiritual’

The Jigga man uses his platform to address the madness

Alton Sterling: Guilty of #BreathingWhileBlack

Alton Sterling's death is one of many reminders of what it's like to breathe while Black.

D.A. Recommends No Jail For NYC Officer In Stairwell Shooting

Another one walks free.

Chicago Faith Leaders Protest CPD Stations

Activists called for an end to police brutality Sunday

Salt Lake City Shooting Victim Is Awake

The 17-year-old Somali refugee who was critically wounded is awake.