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Philadelphia D.A. Bows Out of Re-Election Bid

Seth Williams, facing multiple ethics charges, says he brought "embarassment" to the office

Philadelphia Transit Strike May Affect Election Day

Union members took to picket lines in an action that could threaten the upcoming election

Mumia Abu-Jamal Denied Crucial Meds in Prison

A judge calls a prison policy that bars the drug from the activist a "disregard" for inmates health

Racial Fake Caller Controversy Hits Philly Station

A made up character has gotten a popular sports station in hot water

Philly Gunshot Victim Experiment Meets Skepticism

Paramedics will take a "less is more" approach to saving lives, but some are worried about the practice

Phila. Schools Loses $2.3M Anti-white Lawsuit

District accused of discriminating against white contractors in lawsuit

Rep. Chaka Fattah Convicted on Corruption Charges

The veteran congressman was convicted on charges of racketeering and accepting bribes

Bill Clinton Upsets Black Lives Matter Protesters

Former president exchanged words with members of movement in Philadelphia

What’s Happening, Katt Williams?

Comedian is bringing a new meaning to "March Madness"

Young Boys Walk Home After School Mix-up

3 and 4-year-old boy walk home alone

Man Arrested for Not Paying Daughter’s Train Fare

The incident was captured on tape

Arrested for Basketball? One Man’s Claim

This is an abuse of power

Lincoln University Investigates Racial Vandalism

N-word painted on sign of country's first HBCU

Man Charged in Philly and Virginia Abductions

The abductor has a history of violence

Police: Abducted woman’s fight helped save life

Suspect Devlin Barnes is scheduled for a hearing Thursday

Updated: Abducted Philadelphia Woman Safe

Police Say "Dangerous Predator" Off Street

PHOTOS: Jackie Robinson West in the LLWS

Check out images from Thursday's game against Philly

Kanye West to Headline Made in America Concert

The rapper will perform in L.A. and Philadelphia

Why You Should Care About Christina Sankey

The 37-year-old severely autistic woman was found dead in West Philadelphia

Action Item: Teen Injured During Stop and Frisk

Alleged encounter leads to an emergency town hall meeting in Philadelphia