Tag: Oregon

Activists Set Sights on $15 Minimum Wage

Illinois, Michigan and others are targeted for efforts to increase pay

Lawsuit: Black Man Asked to Prepay for Meal

Man says he had to prepay for meals but white customers didn't

President to Visit Oregon After College Shooting

Will focus primarily on condolences during visit

Clinton Pushes Gun Control After Ore. Shooting

Legislator revealed new gun control measures Monday

Obama Decries ‘Routine’ Response to Shootings

Says the U.S. has "become numb" to mass shootings

The Latest on the Deadly Community College Shooting

Shooting happened at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg

Oregon Begins Sale of Recreational Weed

Some of more than 250 dispensaries opened their doors soon after midnight

Prison health-care costs stabilize

After a decade of increases, prison health care spending is decreasing

Natural Hair Care Bill Passes in Oregon

Oregon law currently prohibits natural hair care stylists from performing braids, cornrows, twists, locks and other similar styles outside their homes without having a full ...