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The Petty Baby Mama Complex

What mothers can learn from Ciara

Dear Social Media Junkies: Slow Down!

Social media is great for connecting, but only if we are connecting virtually for a moment

What White People Should Culturally Appropriate

Dear White people, it isn't okay to "borrow" from my culture

Meek Mill Apologizes to Nicki for Drake Rant

Rapper went on Twitter rant about Drake not writing his own lyrics

Public divided over Cosby Display

Smithsonian continues to defend stance on showing work

I Waive My Right to Remain Silent

What Sandra Bland's death taught me about speaking up

In Response to Black Poverty

Researchers challenge us to look at poverty from the inside out

Dad ‘Disgusted’ by Mike Brown Exhibit

Brown Sr.: 'that picture is still in my head'

Whoopi Goldberg Changes Mind About Bill Cosby

Comedian says she was unaware of statute of limitations regarding rape cases

A Message From A Young Single Mother

A young mother seeks to inspire women who may feel like giving up

Stacey Dash Endorses Trump for President

Fox News commentator says she "want a guy like that running my country."

Poll: Many Associate Pride with Confederate Flag

Positive associations tied to race, Southern roots.

Screw Gay Pride

Why a Black gay man is saying no to gay pride.

Woman Discovers She’s White After 70 Years

Verda Byrd had no idea what she would discover

Kanye Takes Back Beck Comments

In latest interview, musician addresses controversial remarks regarding Beck

Rachel Dolezal & Free-flowing Appropriation

An interesting take on cultural appropriation.

Reflections on the Charleston Shooting

A reader reflects on racial injustice in America.

Everyday Jail Without Bars

Black imprisonment in America

Getting The Most Out Of Family Reunions

Have you thought of your family reunion in this way before?

Azealia Banks Strikes Again

Star calls BET Awards 'bogus' after being nominated

How To Respond to Violence

A reader's take on violence in Black communities