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My Letter to President Donald Trump

[OPINION] If President Trump were listening, this is what I'd say

The Beauty of the Black Woman

A gentle reminder that YOUR Black is beautiful

Trump’s ‘New Deal’ Offers Little More Than Rhetoric

[OPINION] Trump has a superficial understanding of what has been happening in Black America

Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do? Clean Up!

[Opinion] Want to impress your woman? Get a broom, mop and Windex

Where’s the White Privilege Emoji?

Opinion: White privilege needs its own online representative

Dear Scared White People

An open letter to the white people who resist inclusion

Ben Carson’s Definition of Blackness Fails

Why Ben Carson's definition of Blackness misses the mark

Talk Back: Tough Love

Sometimes the greatest love is letting go

Beyoncé: Blonde Ambition & Black Power

She boasted about afros and big noses, but where is hers?

Talk Back: Erasing the ‘Plan’

What one reader learned about infertility and God's will

Talk Back: Survival Lessons

On being Black in America

Talk Back: Hey Oprah, I’m Not Gone Cry

Reflections on Oprah's weight watchers ad

In Response to #BoycottStarWarsVII

Dear racist white geeks, please sit down!

My Biological Clock is No One’s Business

“When are You Having Babies" Is Not A Conversation Starter

How I Loved, Hated then Celebrated Kanye

A reader reflects on her love, hate, then love again relationship with Yeezy.

Black Residents See Less Progress after Katrina

Poll reveals that Blacks view post-storm progress unfavorably

Domestic Violence & Selective Outrage

Don't just speak out against domestic violence when you feel like it

When The Parachute Color Relates to Workers of Color

Standardize layoff stats so everyone gets a fair deal