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Poll: Should the reporters, NFL leave this man be?

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Black Lives Matter activists swarm swanky eateries

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Mayor Tom Bates: "The people in the Bay Area are sensitive to worldwide issues..."

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7 Wounded in Shootings Near Oakland Park

Multiple shots fired Monday night

Thomas Howard Dies in Fatal Collision

Former NFL player was allegedly speeding

Oakland Police Chief Resigns After 2 Days on Job

After only two days in the job, Oakland's acting police chief stepped down on Friday and was replaced by an interim chief.

A Real “High”-Profile Case: Federal Gov. Vs Largest Medical Marijuana ...

The nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary sues federal prosecutors after attempts to shut down locations.

A’s in playoffs for 1st time in 6 years

OAKLAND, Calif. — This time, it was manager Bob Melvin who took a whipped cream pie in the face. All those walk-off wins from guys hardly known beyond ...