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Lawsuit: Black Cop Told to Adopt White Hairstyle

Sgt. Quiana Brown says in a lawsuit that her police superiors discriminated based on her race and gender.

Ugly Racial Prank Aimed at Jersey Girls’ B-ball Team

Officials are investigating what is likely a racially motivated incident in Clark, N.J.

3 Dead in N.J. Commuter Rail Crash

The commuter train failed to stop when pulling into the station, witnesses say

17 Charged In Craigslist Car Theft Ring

Operation Title Flip comes to a halt

Two Charged With Murdering Missing NJ Woman

Two suspects are charged for killing a missing New Jersey woman.

Calif., N.J. , Powerball Winners Are Still No-Shows

Powerball officials are still waiting for winners to claim their multi-million dollar jackpot

Sad News About Pioneering Mayor

Bergen County, New Jersey Mayor Lizette Parker passed away earlier this week

Activists Set Sights on $15 Minimum Wage

Illinois, Michigan and others are targeted for efforts to increase pay

Atlantic City Officials Wary of State Takeover

Officials fear they have been hoodwinked given dire financial circumstances

Grand Jury to Decide Fate of Truck Driver in Tracy ...

An attorney for the driver, Kevin Roper, sought to have charges thrown out

Video: Summer Jam Madness

The Summer Jam concert is making headlines and not just for the music

DMX…Return of The “Stick-up Kid?”

Is the Dog up to his old tricks?

Univ. Cancels Common as Commencement Speaker

School cites Common's "Song for Assata" as reason for dismissal

Hundreds displaced in New Jersey apartment building fire

There were no initial reports of injuries

Mom And Foster Daughter Found Slain In New Jersey

No potential suspects have been identified yet

Court: Rap Lyrics Can’t Be Used as Evidence

New Jersey's highest court says admitting the lyrics was highly prejudicial to the jury


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Feds Find Issues with Newark Pedestrian Stops

Twenty percent of officers were reported using unreasonable force

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