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Fans Are Petitioning For Quavo to Remix The National Anthem

Anything is possible in this day and age, right? A petition popped up recently requesting Quavo redo the national anthem because “It’s the current ...

Quavo Wants America to Have A New National Anthem

A new national anthem? Quavo thinks so ...

Philadelphia 76ers Apologize To Sevyn Streeter

The organization extended another invitation, but should Sevyn accept?

Sevyn Streeter Blocked From Singing Anthem

...due to the statement on her jersey

NBA Anthem Singer Kneels During Performance

"I didn't get paid to sing the national anthem nor was this moment about any sort of fame"

Marshawn Lynch Supports Anthem Protests

As usual, the star didn't let us down

Black National Anthem Sung at Basketball Game

James Weldon Johnson's poem got some love at Ludacris' celebrity game

Kaepernick Anthem Protest Continues

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is unmoved in his reasons for protesting

Tiki Barber, Jerry Rice Slammed on Twitter

[Analysis] Around the football universe, views on Colin Kaepernick have hit a fever pitch

Gabby Douglas Sorry over Anthem Moment

Gabby says she always stands at attention for our country whenever the National Anthem is played.

Did Ciara Show Too Much or Nah?

Poll: Was Ciara's dress a perfect fit or major miss?

So…T-Pain Can Really Sing?

Is T-Pain's vocal ability on point ?

Jamie Foxx Defends National Anthem Performance

Technical difficulties or vocal disaster?

Keeping it 140: Dunkin’ Donuts Ranter, Wale’s Assistant, and Amanda ...

So this week everyone is up in arms about the NSA spying on our private messages, phone calls and even chats.  Well, if the NSA ...

R. Kelly Fans Petition For New National Anthem

R.Kelly fans seriously want to change the National Anthem to "Ignition (Remix).

Beyoncé Sings the National Anthem Live at NFL Press Conference

Beyoncé gave naysayers some push back by singing the National Anthem live at the NFL Press Conference.