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Obama, Romney hunker down for debate prep

HENDERSON, Nev.  — Nearing their first face-off, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romneyare hunkering down for intense preparations ahead of Wednesday’s presidential debate, where the GOP nominee hopes to change the ...

Wake-up call? Jackson ad replete with bleeps

The commercial — entitled "Wake the **** Up" — is sure to get people talking

VIDEO: Obama touts ‘economic patriotism’

The President's new ad talks about his strategic plan and Mitt Romney's flaws

Obama: Romney China outrage ‘newfound’

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — President Barack Obama is accusing Republican Mitt Romney of showing “newfound outrage” on cracking down on China, saying his rival’s approach ...

Romney on offensive in battleground Ohio

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday that he understands the struggles of working families and has the know-how to fix them as he sought to ...

Report: Americans more confident in economy

Could be good news for President; those feeling better less likely to vote for change

Obama campaign blasts Romney’s comment

CHICAGO — President Barack Obama’s campaign is launching a new offensive Monday against Republican Mitt Romney, blasting the GOP nominee for criticizing Americans who don’t pay income taxeswithout having “come clean” about his own. ...

Obama argues against Romney’s ‘top-down economics’

Says, 'country doesn't succeed when only the folks at the very top are doing well'

Obama jabs at Romney over ’47 percent’ remarks

Meanwhile, GOP officials openly debated impact controversies would have

Romney looks to steady shaky campaign

WASHINGTON — Republican White House nominee Mitt Romney faced the task of getting his campaign back on track Tuesday after a hidden camera caught him ...

VIDEO: Romney words at private fundraiser revealed

Mother Jones released video of the Republican candidate's unfiltered comments

Obama, Romney courting key states, blocs

BURLINGTON, Mass. — President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are embarking on a week heavy with travel through battleground states and appeals to key ...

Obama: Romney tends ‘to shoot first and aim later’

GOP challenger accused administration of showing weakness over Mideast events

Minaj confirms her rap was no Romney endorsement

Minaj used the verse in question on the Lil Wayne mix tape track 'Mercy'

Energized candidates, different tactics

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s challenge in the art of connecting with an audience has always been to meet the high expectations. For challenger Mitt ...

Axelrod: Romney offered snark, few details

WASHINGTON — A top adviser to President Obama says Mitt Romney was short on details in his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention. David ...

Trouble with the chair: Clint mocked for RNC bit

Eastwood's awkward performance hotter Twitter topic than Romney's acceptance speech

Romney: Obama engaging in ‘low’ politics

TAMPA, Fla. — His Republican National Convention curtailed by a threatened hurricane, Mitt Romney conceded Sunday that fresh controversy over rape and abortion is harming ...

President explains take on Romney’s views

Below is part 2 of President Barack Obama’s interview with the Associated Press, for part 1, click here: In explaining his accusation of “extreme” positions, ...

Sheryl Underwood is serious about voting

Comedian & chat show co-host talks 'The Talk,' why she supports the President & more

Medicare barbs dominate White House race

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla.  — Showing no signs of letting up, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are doubling down on claims the other would threaten seniors’ ...