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The Flint Water Crisis Hasn’t Been Resolved Yet, But It’s ...

Three years after their water was deemed unsafe to drink, residents of Flint, Michigan are still dealing with the fallout of the water crisis.

MI Gov: Flint Water Bills to No Longer Be Paid

State, local government to no longer pay cost associated with city's drinking water

New Charges in Flint Water Crisis Announced

A total of 13 people now face charges stemming from the lead contamination of water

Lawsuit Follows Brutal Police Beating

Man says he lost one of his eyes as a result of vicious police-involved attack

New Details Emerge in Flint Water Crisis

Inspector General: "The Flint crisis should have generated "a greater sense of urgency"

6 Charged in Connection to Flint Water Crisis

Press conference on recent development related to crisis to be held Friday

Draymond Green’s Arrest Gets Messier

The Golden State forward is now looking at an arrest record

Has the Water in Flint Become Safe for Bathing?

Officials say the water in the beleaguered town can be used if it is filtered

Activists Set Sights on $15 Minimum Wage

Illinois, Michigan and others are targeted for efforts to increase pay

MI ‘Fundamentally Accountable’ for Flint Crisis

The five-member task force interviewed 66 people during its months-long investigation

Flint Emails Meant to Stay Secret

Emails show government officials actively worked to keep contamination crisis a secret

Officials: Kalamazoo Shooter Admits to Killings

Jason Dalton ordered held without bond

Video: Judge Goes Off on Racist Cops

This former cop got sentenced, but not before a judge gave him a piece of her mind

Flint Water Crisis: Gov. Says ‘I Let You Down’

"I'm sorry most of all that I let you down"

Flyer Depicting Klansman Shooting Boy Surfaces

Racist flyer causes stir in Black neighborhood

Michigan Officer Caught In Violent Arrest

Officer to be charged with felony

Flint teen receives 3 college degrees

Three Degrees before college? Read how she did it!

Ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Film to Debut

The documentary will premiere April 3

Viola Davis to Produce ABC Drama

Could this be a new addition to #TGIT?

Senate Approves Detroit Bankruptcy Bill

The plan will allocate nearly $195 million for the city

High Court Upholds Mich Affirmative Action Ban

Ruling prohibits public universities from taking race into account in admissions decisions