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Jelly! Laura Harrier to Star as Michael B. Jordan’s Wife ...

Newcomer Laura Harrier is about to kill it as Peter Parker’s dream lady in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but her next role will be even more iconic.

ICYMI: The First ‘Black Panther’ Trailer Is Here + PHOTOS

Marvel released the first official teaser trailer for Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther over the weekend and to say that it’s lit would be an understatement.

Jet Beauty Of The Week: Meet Megan Milan

Get to know Megan Milan the budding actress from Romulus, MI.

The Filming of Marvel’s “Black Panther” Has Wrapped!

By far, the  most anticipated Marvel film of the moment is Black Panther.

Michael B. Jordan’s Next Film Is Based On An Iconic ...

Micheal B. Jordan might be in the middle of shooting Marvel’s Black Panther, but that doesn’t mean the 30-year old heartthrob isn’t thinking about his ...

Everything We Know About The Surprise ‘Black Panther’ Footage Marvel ...

Black Panther won’t hit theaters until next February, but Marvel fans are already in formation.

JET Beauty Of The Week: Meet Summer Wheaton

Meet this LA native whose heating up the real estate market.

The ‘Black Panther’ Cast Doing The #GetOutChallenge Is The Best ...

The Black Panther cast is woke AF and as a result, the film is going to be legendary. From the superb all-Black cast that includes ...

This Newcomer Just Snagged A Pivotal Role In Marvel’s ‘Black ...

Letitia Wright is coming for T’Challa’s crown, the 23-year old British actress’ role in Marvel’s highly anticipated Black Panther has just been announced.

We Didn’t Ask For A ‘Matrix’ Reboot, But We’ll Take ...

Hollywood lives for a good reboot, and this time it looks like they are ready to revive The Matrix.

Phylicia Rashad to Star in Marvel’s Black Panther?

One of America's favorite TV Moms is rumored to be joining the star-studded cast

Harry Belafonte, Celebs Star in Compelling PSA

Notable activists unite to share one message: "Black is not a weapon"

Michael B. Jordan Living out Hoop Dreams…Sorta

The actor's next role gets him ready to dominate the court

Ryan Coogler Talks ‘Black Panther’

#MondayMotivation: Director breaks down the inspiration behind the revamped comic series

Michael B Jordan Starring in ‘Thomas Crown Affair’

"Bae" trades in his boxing gloves for a new risky hobby

Michael B. Jordan Lands New Role

The flick is titled "The Thomas Crown Affair"


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