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Dating & Mental Illness: 5 Ways to Deal

Dealing with a lover who suffers from mental illness can be taxing. Here's how to maintain your peace

An Open Letter to Kanye West

"I am rooting for you Kanye. I am praying for your family, your health, and your protection"

El Cajon Shooting: Angry, Peaceful Protests Go On

Alfred Olango, was unarmed, but had a harmless device in his hands when police shot him

El Cajon Police Kill Unarmed Black Man

Alfred Olango, 30, was killed by El Cajon. Calif., police in what his sister said was a call for help

Report Sheds Light on Black Mental Illness

Black youth experience higher degrees of mental illness, lack of treatment than whites

So Anxious: 3 Tips to Overcoming Nervousness

How to take back your inner peace

Mental Illness Training For Chicago Cops

Announcement comes amid increased scrutiny of police practices

Addressing the Wounds of Our Past

Why Black people need more than an altar prayer to heal

Ask ShanTellem: He’s Depressed. Help!

A reader wants to know how to support her boyfriend during this tough time

Watch: Video of Natasha McKenna Incident

Woman died while being restrained in police custody.

Kalief Browder’s Family Plans lawsuit against NYC

Family to file wrongful death lawsuit

Chris Brown Supports Well-Being of Crazed Fan

Singer hopes woman gets the help that she needs

Video: Lavall Hall, shot, killed by police

Family says he was mentally ill

Celebrities Bringing Awareness to Mental Health

How these stars are erasing the stigma

Fame, Pressure and Suicide

The untimely death of reality star Joshua Marks invites conversation

Playwright puts mental illness in spotlight

Welcome to the first installment of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, a series drawing your attention to issues in the Black community— ...