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Hundreds Charged for $900M in Health Care Fraud

U.S. Attorney General announced charges against hundreds in fraud scheme

Prison health-care costs stabilize

After a decade of increases, prison health care spending is decreasing

Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 1/15

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Chronic Care Overhaul Proposed for Medicare

Better Care Program aims to keep patients healthier

Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 10/29

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Medicare Chief Sorry for Obamacare Woes

Outside company will be handling fixes

Opinion: Your Guide to ObamaCare

"America's Favorite Nurse" explains benefits as of Oct. 1

Obama defends Medicare, Social Security

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — President Barack Obama says programs like Medicare and Social Security are not “handouts,” telling seniors that he will defend health and retirement benefits for ...

Medicare premiums for seniors rise slightly

WASHINGTON — Obama administration officials say they have some good election-year news for seniors. Monthly premiums for popular Medicare Advantage insurance plans are rising by ...

Medicare barbs dominate White House race

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla.  — Showing no signs of letting up, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are doubling down on claims the other would threaten seniors’ ...