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Democratic Lawmakers in New York Reintroduce Marijuana Act

Over the last few years, the United States government has switched its position on marijuana. Once heralded a gateway drug, weed use is now celebrated ...

Attys: Philando Castile Was ‘High’ During Shooting

Defense attorneys argue Castile ignored officer's commands

Killer Mike: Weed Biz Should Benefit Blacks, Too

The rapper and activist says Blacks could benefit from the industry if certain examples are followed

#BruhNews: Paperboy Delivering Weed in Newspapers

58-year-old delivery man is now facing drug charges

Reporter Who Quit Live on Air Facing Time

Charlo Green said, "f*** it," live on the air, and now it may cost her big time

Cavaliers’ Shumpert Catches DUI Case

The NBA Champion guard was arrested while driving outside of Atlanta

Bob Marley Depicted as Digital Blackface?

Yup, what NOT to do when honoring the iconic singer

Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Ride Along With Conan

Their trip involves marijuana and Popeyes chicken

Oregon Begins Sale of Recreational Weed

Some of more than 250 dispensaries opened their doors soon after midnight

FBI Releases Statistics, Impact of Weed Arrests

Statistics reveal arrests, impact of marijuana possession on offenders

Lil Wayne Kicked Off Plane

Rapper reportedly 'lit up' mid flight

Rapper Rick Ross Arrested

Currently being booked at a Fayette County jail.

Blacks Still Bear Brunt of Marijuana Arrests in Colorado?

Report: Colorado pot legalization not helping Blacks

Police Raid Charlo Greene’s Marijuana Club

Club accused of criminal activity and illegal transactions

Jamaica Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Weed

Could be a first step towards legalization

Marijuana Proponents look to California after victories

Poll: Should Marijuana become legalized for recreational use?

What in the World is a Weed Wedding?

This wedding trend is taking Colorado and Washington by storm!


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