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Dear Daughter: A Message to the Fatherless

Your father may have left you, but he didn't LEAVE you

No, I Don’t Want to Go to the Hood Spot

When you have more to lose, you become more picky about where you cut loose

A Lesson on Social Media And Self Worth

[Opinion] "Likes" should be completely separate from your self-esteem

‘The Story of God’ Explores Life, Death and Religion

National Geographic's new series challenges the beliefs of creation and what happens after death.

Preparing for Your Parents’ Retirement

A few ways to be there for your parents during their time of need

The Adulting Game

Adulting is tough, but be wise enough to live life on your terms

Chipotle Under Criminal Investigation

Sales have plummeted 30 percent in December

[Update] Ava DuVernay: Barbie Style

Barbie recognizes filmmaker as a #Shero!

Big Brother is Watching, But Should We Care?

The US Government received the okay to review its citizen’s data in unprecedented amounts

5 Myths About HIV

Kissing doesn't spread HIV, ignorance does

Fit Friday With Michael Jai White

Star offers tips, workout routine in hopes of inspiring masses

The Holidays and Food Allergies

How to keep your family safe and enjoy the foods you love

5 Tips to Cope With Winter Blues

Tips on how to delay depression during the cold months

Why #ConcernedStudent1950 is Necessary

Movement is needed now more than ever

Racial Insensitivity in Children’s Book

What year is this?! Book includes false depiction of slaves

Watch: Poet Speaks On Chicago Violence

Spoken word artist K Love the Poet gives her account of why Chicago's youth result to violence.

A Message for Teens About Sexual Choices

(Opinion) Dr. Goodall-McDonald urges teens to think before they act

How to Increase Your Chances of Motherhood

The biological clock does not have to be the end all and be all

Shonda Rhimes Encourages Daughters to Own Their Sex

Content creator encourages healthy, shame-free sex

VIDEO: Jonathan McReynolds Album Release Jam

Singer releases new album with help from special guests