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Ohio Man Arrested in Attempt to Join ISIS

Officials say Aaron Daniels was attempting to travel to Libya to join the fundamentalist group

The Latest in Europe Migrant Crisis

Ships are responding to two migrant emergencies near the Libyan coast.

New blow for Susan Rice: Moderate senator voices concern

Susan Collins said she couldn't back Rice's nomination without more information on the attack in Libya and her role in the 1998 Kenya embassy bombing.

Moderate GOP senator expresses concerns about Rice

Sen. Susan Collins met with Susan Rice to discuss her account of the U.S. consulate attack.

Obama blasts senators: ‘They should go after me’

The President accused two senators of lobbing outrageous criticism instead of confronting him over an attack on Americans in Libya.

House speaker presses Obama for answers on Libya

John Boehner is pressing President Barack Obama for answers about the attack in Libya that killed four Americans.

White House Told of Libyan Attack Claim Sept. 11

The White House was told that a militant group claimed responsibility for the violence that killed the U.S. Ambassador and other Americans shortly after the ...

Obama pushes UN to confront Muslim rage

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama told world leaders Tuesday that attacks on U.S. citizens in Libya “were attacks on America,” and he called on them to join in confronting ...

Witness said Stevens was breathing when found

CAIRO — A witness says U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens was still breathing as people pulled him from aroom where he was found after last week’s attack on the American Consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi. Fahd al-Bakoush says he was present when a crowd pulled Stevens out ...

Obama: Romney tends ‘to shoot first and aim later’

GOP challenger accused administration of showing weakness over Mideast events